There is no secret —

we work like a startup.

We have the experience and methods of inovating startups. We have the skills to turn your idea into a high quality web product.

Fullstack Design

Antoine Marguerie

Antoine Marguerie

Product design / Digital strategy / User Experience / HTML & CSS

Antoine is a versatile designer with a passion for web product. He was head of product and design at when he first worked with Alexis. He was part of the founding team of, a pioneering music hosting service. He also was one of the first employees of, the multiple awards winning startpage.

Fullstack Engineering

Alexis Bernard

Alexis Bernard

Technical Architecture / Ruby on Rails / Javascript / PostgreSQL

Alexis is a Ruby on Rails and Javascript expert, an agile methodologies evangelist and a frequent speaker at the Geneva Ruby meetups. He was Chief Architect at, where he built a fast and reliable music hosting plateform. He also worked at Versapay, a payment solution Canadian startup.

We are the team you are looking for.
We are experienced, complementary, autonomous and efficient.


We are highly complementary and we are used to work together. Communication is simpler. Decisions are easier. Everything is faster.


We value quality over quantity. We only work on projects we believe in. We weight in the trade-off of new features. We question your choices.


We are passionate craftmen. We use the best practices and the best tools for your project. We deliver evolutive and performant products.


We offer a higher quality for a better price. You only pay for our expertise and time, not for our nifty office or business developement team.

We design.
We code.
We measure.
We iterate.

Design thinking

We enjoy finding simple solutions to complex problems. We analyze the constraints and advantages of your business. We defend the users interest.

Minimum Lovable Product

We focus on what's really important for your users experience. We quickly iterate to build an intuitive product that answers a real need.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is our favorite framework. Its philosophy and developement speed make it a relevant choice for custom modern web apps conception.

Don't keep your startup idea secret —

let's make a product people love.