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we design and develop Ruby on Rails web apps.

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Speed and reliabilty are the most important features of a quality web app. RoRvsWild is a performances and errors monitoring tool for Ruby on Rails developers.

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A communication and skill validation platform built for the Haute Ecole de Pédagogie, and used in the mandatory education in the Canton de Vaud, Switzerland.

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The music we're listening to today is all over the web. is the personal music library for the streaming era.

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HCLbox is a Happy City Lab Genève project aiming to encourage exchanges betweens neighbours.

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Base Secrète also releases open source projects.

RoRvsWild Gem

A Ruby gem that can also be used without a account to profile requests performances in a development environment.

Redis Dashboard

A Sinatra web app showing monitoring informations about your Redis servers. You can run it in standalone or inside your Rails app.


A simple pomodoro timer for teams. It helps improving the productivity of your team and reducing interruptions:

Secure Attribute

A Ruby gem to encrypt attributes of any Ruby object or ActiveRecord model. It protects sensitive data, such as API secrets, OAuth tokens or even FTP passwords.

Type Scopes

A Ruby Gem to create useful scopes based on the type of the columns of your ActiveRecord models. It handles dates, times, strings and numerics.

Access Watch Rails

A Ruby library built for our friends at to log and analyse Rails HTTP requests using their cloud service.

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